Client: WithPrint

Title: WithPrint 2022 Calendar

Stock: Various from GF Smith

Processes: Various (see below)

Printer: Various (see below)

Welcome to the 2022 edition of the WithPrint Desktop Calendar. This year we have teamed up with the superstars at Studio Sutherl& and once again we have chosen to work with a beautiful range of stocks from GF Smith.

“I loved the idea of a perpetual calendar that you interact with every day. It’s such a simple idea of a different card for each number and letter. I wanted it to be simple and practical – but also very playful. The set of three cards is designed to fit perfectly into the existing recycled bases. The characters are set in Schmalfette CP (Originally drawn by Walter Haettenschweiler in 1954 – and revived by Counterpoint Type studio in 2016) which perfectly fitted the shape of the cards. We wanted to use as many recycled stocks from GF Smith as possible – with a multitude of colours and finishes. Every single day of the year has it’s own unique combination of colour/finish.” Jim Sutherland – Studio Sutherl&

Our 2020 and 2021 Calendars were created using a base made of recycled plastic yogurt pots, sourced from our friends at Smile Plastics. Our hope is always that this base will be reused year after year and can be refilled with our latest Calendar creation each January.